RGI Logo

REVELL GROUP INTERNATIONAL (RGI) is a global network of former senior FBI, security service, intelligence, diplomatic, law enforcement and military officials with a broad range of international business and technical experience.

RGI specializes in providing counsel, support, technical solutions and assistance to businesses, agencies and organizations with substantial international interests and assets.

RGI associates have an unprecedented level of expertise in international affairs and are committed to providing the most comprehensive services possible to clients. The RGI global network provides economic intelligence to identify foreign investment opportunities including the location of potential joint venture partners, as well as the determination of bona fides and due diligence of prospective venture partners. RGI can also provide assistance in locating and establishing optimum sites for overseas operations/activities and the identification and recruitment of key personnel.

Among RGI's specialties are comprehensive support and assistance in strategic planning, threat assessment, risk analysis and management, contingency planning, provision of technical systems and solutions for law enforcement and security organizations and crisis management; Clean Energy systems and environmental protection and recovery. RGI provides guidance to organizations in developing a holistic approach to their operating environment with emphasis on determining appropriate structure, policies and operations for an organization's security, integrity, risk and crisis management functions. Direct involvement in developing marketing and sales strategies, problem solving, crisis resolution and support for coping with complex problems and/or issues relating to an organization's viability and operational success in high risk environments including direct liaison with host governments is available. Facilitate international Energy Sales.

Business related training is provided by highly qualified RGI associates in the form of seminars, workshops and lectures. Topics include detection and identification of counterfeit and fraudulent documents and objects, economic/industrial espionage, computer related crimes, protection of intellectual property, internal and external fraud, integrity and ethics issues, health-care fraud, violence in the workplace and personal security.

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